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Unsteady wake rollup

Unsteady wake rollup


This a NACA0012 wing example with unsteady wake rollup. This is a very first unsteady result we are proud to present here.

Case Setup

The airfoil has an 5 degree angle of attack and a speed of 1 m/s.

Post processing

For Postprocessing you might be interested in cp distributions. This is work in progress. What you can already do is to convert the results into some formats a post processor can read in. All you have to do is to choose a result export fitting your needs.


In this case we will use the export to legacy VTK format.

[wing]$ results2legacyVTK -c

In this very specific case we want also to export the unsteady wake. So we need to specify the option -c here. This tells the exporttool to export also the co-meshes.


The exported VTK files might be read in by any Postprocessor like FieldView, VisIt or ParaView and others. You can make some nice plots and screenshots if needed. In our case VisIt is used.


Most of the known CFD Postprocessors are capable of creating animations, and so is VisIt too.


The unsteady wake rollup has been successfully applied to a NACA0012 profile. While the unsteady wake is a brandnew feature of OpenPAME, this example is very short for now. Also we will complete it step by step in the future.

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